Bavarian Hardware Store Adventures (2): i gotta go pottieeeeeeeeeee!

So, peopol,

i has alweady told you that Mrs Teddy, Daddy TeddyTom4u an i had gone to explores the hardware store in Bavaria, an wot i did not yet tells you all about are them adventures on that beary expeditunnn! But in today’s blog i has to address a beary important adventure issue, we all has experienceds, an it is kinda sorta a pressing mattur!

Wot is a girl (girl bear other otherwise) to doooooo, when you has to go pottie in a store? Have you not also been in that beary predicament, that you so need to go pee, but no out-house is to be seen? Well you may think it is funny to watch, a girl tying her legs to a knot, but i assures you that it is not, an so this blog is all about that twuble!

So i was in the hardware store, wooksing at them tools and stuff, when i suddenly wealize why my tummy feels all funnie, it is because i need to go loo. But there is no-where to go an so i searchesed an wooksie wot i found!

a whole chinese city! and yet: no-out-house, though those spheres suwe were all invitings, an comfy to sit on, an dey massaged my bladder… but i decideds not to take chances, and loo in the store, on plain sight anyway… so off i went to seek out a better suited place to get rid of dat menacing waters inside me… oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh how i needed to pee!

i asksed them owlies, where do you loo, but all they said was

hoooooooo hoooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooooo!

so i went to ask dem other animals in the zoo,

where to do, where to leave my beary girlie loo

the birds told me to go on a flight,

and just let it rain with all my might

but i thought of Daddy, wot would He say

and could picture His face filled wif dismay

the lizard on the other hand

was trying to be helpfulls, and

he told me about his trick

climb between two shelves

and just release it!

in my dispair i considered it, but then i thought

wot would Mrs Teddy think, and re-thought

and went on to find a potty, cause i needed it and quite a lotly…

found those widdle angels, inviting me in their arms

they said they are here to ease, my pain with their charms

dear widdle angel – i said – would you mind?

if in your basket some bear pee you’d find?

ooh you’re so friendly, and yet  you say ‘no!’

ok, sowwy, then and quicklie, this girlie needs to go!!!!

found my buddies Buddhas

sitting without chairs

looksing at their faces serene

showed me how they’d care

but to my displeasure

and to my discomfort too

even in that pressing matter

they didn’t know wot to do

the way of the Tao, they trieds to explain

but by then i was already, on my desperate way!

when you need to pee – my friends be adviced

nothing is less helpful: as music making mice!



this was not only not funny, this started becoming grief

and so you can imagine, how much i felt relievsed

when just out of no-where and right before my eyes

appeared this solid, teddie sized out-house

before anyone could notice, or even objects

i opened the lil door, right above birdie’s head

and with a quick motion, slipsed right in

because to loo in an outhouse

fore surer is no sin!

finally i could let go, of wot caused me that hurt

but i lifted my clutch up firster, so there would be no stains an no dirt

and maybe you can hear me, aaaaaah in relief

and do not tell me, your strangest believes

that it was a bird’s house, and not for me to pee

if it looks like an out-house,

an out-house it must be!

and wif that, i wave my paw like it was a hand

saysing happy WC-hunting, to you, my very friend

my adventure and my hunt went well. so much is comprehend’

when i let them waters loose, it was one happy end!

*giggle-friggle, blushel-lushel*






One Response to “Bavarian Hardware Store Adventures (2): i gotta go pottieeeeeeeeeee!”

  1. giggle-friggle! so glad you finally found a spot 😀

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