is it the famos Scotland Yard?



dat title made you all curious, wight? wight! *giggles morer* but ahem, i fink da reply is, no, it is a Bavarian Yard with lots of miraculs and mysteries on its own! So do not be all disappointeds about dis not being Scotland Yard, you will see, BearVille yards are quite fun too!



Like with Scotland Yard, there has to be a vice department too. And they are quite busy…. Wike take them dwarfs, taking a bath in plain sight!!!! Wot kind of example are you settings? hewwo?? guys?????  ,


An of coursie these two ladie-birdie beetles, young as they were got inspired and now too have been caught in the act! Indecent exposure, an all dat…



of course them young  goth’s only wanna hang out, and not work at all if givens da choice, but you has to have an eye on dem, so dey dont fly about causing mischief… wight? wight! ,


meanwhile others are diligent all the time… (you have to pay attentunnn that they dont cause any accident being all overworksed and under-payeds!) ,


others just engage in wild camping, using their mobile home, where-ever they please, incredibul!



well sometimes you have kinda no choice though… it is either workings …… 


or being in twuble, – an who wants to be in twuble?  – not meeeeeeee!!!!!






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