guess dis, game – bands!


lets twy somefing slightly fifferent, today, an not guess a song but a band, just from a picshure from my modelings… you say impossuble? oooh dont be a spoil-sport, it will be all easier, pwomise!

herer is da picshure!

wot is there 3 times in dis picshure?


 da band we are looksing forer, if you havent gots it yet… has been wike big in da flower power hippie time!




the lead vocals singer is dead an burried in France, Paris to be precise – though the fans dont wanna believe he is dead at all





so could i light your fire?




ooh and derer was a movie named the sames as the bands about da band


you did get dis one, cuz it wasnt that hard, wight?

wight! it is  THE DOORS






2 Responses to “guess dis, game – bands!”

  1. yay! I got this one!!!

  2. Great game! I love The Doors, so I was able to get this one.

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