twicks, gwandma knew: a miricul callsed aluminum foil

Wisten, peopol,

today on twicks gwandma knew we wanna talks about a miricul pwoduct all of you has heards abouts, an most of you has useds, but not for its miricul capacities. We are talksing of the silvery and shiny aluminum foil.

Of coursie you can uses it to keep your stuff fresh, or wrapp your potatoes, onions and apples up in it before hasing it thrown into the blaze of your fire, so them can be safely cooksed.


But you can do so much morer with aluminum foil, just asks gwanny, wight? wight! wike, dids you know you can make music wif aluminum foil? Just folds it around a comb and hum into it, it makes the mostest funnie noises!

But aluminum foil can do even morer! If your scissors are all dull, fwom cutting all da paper an stuffs –  just cut into aluminum foil wif dem, repeatedly an from fifferent angles – an an an, it will sharpen your scissors! Just pay attentunnn that you dont accidently cut your paws, cuz dat hurts quite a wot, an the aluminum foil wont be able to magically undo that demage!!!

There is yet another magicul use of aluminum foil. You have to place it into a glass or a porcelain bowl, and add regular salt on top. Than you fill it up wif boiling water an stirr the whole thing, till the salt is dissolved (dont burn yourself tho!!!), an then you add silverwear an silver jewelry that has gone black. As time passes, it will become all shiny agains, wifout any chemicals an wif much less effort! Granted, the water will stink a lot, but its still bettur than having to hand-polish them blackened silver stuffs, wight? wight.

you can also use aluminum foil to gift wrapp  your gift parculs!

If you twy to make artistic picshures, you might want to use aluminum foil in da back-gwound, so the flash light is bettur reflecteds. It also works wif a scanner. Unbelievuble, wot gwanny alweady knew, an dems did not even has scanners yet *giggles*

Oh an an an, know wot? Some peopol claim, that if you wear a hat of aluminum foil, no-one, not even dem aliens can read your mind. Tho gwanny doubts, that it is too practical. It may also not be too fashionable, by the way.

but if it helps, wight?




4 Responses to “twicks, gwandma knew: a miricul callsed aluminum foil”

  1. “giggle friggle” ❤ love your twicks Doucette! 😀

  2. Priceless pic of Tom 🙂

  3. Oh, doucette, thank you for all of the wonderful tips. I just happen to have some dull scissors and tarnished silver. Thank you ❤

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