a good house, is hard to find….


maybe some of you wemember my blogs about wooksing for a house for me, an i can tells you house-hunting is no easie peasie task. you has to review all kinds of houses, big ones, tiny ones, small ones, well tons! An den you has to wooks for many criteria… how does you feel inside? is it a wot of works to maintain? How is the isolatunnn, how is the plumbing? Is there heating? oooh it is so much to does.

Also you need to review the neighborhood, whether it is harsh or rather good?

So i will show you some more housies i reviewed, but let me tells you, none of dems was just so good, that i would have picksed it… so the hunt goes on, wight? wight! Maybe one day, a suitable housie i will find!

this housie seemed rather small… *giggles*

while this one was rather tall! *giggles morer*

this one felt a lot like jail, so i said: “no offence, but fail!” 


dis one seemed quite over-priced!

and dis one was well… under-sized! *giggle-friggle*

too bad the high-lights of this one were blue…

but living in a peopol-silo? no fank you!

i start to envy dem snails, hasing their homes wif dem always!







2 Responses to “a good house, is hard to find….”

  1. lol! but your daddy´s pocket is also a house to take with you any time, wight? 😀

    • WIGHT!!!!! an an its the best housie in d aworld, unless of course, i get to sneaks into His button down shirt cut out, an den i am near to all dem tickurts spots that makes Him gigglewiggle *blushel-lushel*


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