you cant be squeemish to be a model…. home-born challenges!

Peopol,   i will continue my widdle blog about the challenges us models are confronteds with. Granted we get to see some awesum locatiuns an we get to spend time in the spa an beautie parlors an at the hair stylests an stuff, all da fings you all enjoysed so much an we are envied for. But rarely do peopol wooks at the harsh stuff we go fru, so the visiunnn of the photographer or producer becomes reality!  Sometimes we face extreme colds even indoors! wookie!!!!



Or take the other extreme, after that cold… that is right, from fridge to oven :-s

if you think a balancing act like that is a walk in the park? think again!



But it does not end wif balancing over an opened oven, with hot air being blown up your way, feeling like the literally cat on a hot tin roof! Sometimes you get asksed to perform in beary scary places… like inside an oven!!!!!!



an yes it does get worser, when you are not only asked to poses all relaxed an stuff inside that oven thingy, but also when the door is closed for the “confinement” effect the photographer is going for. can you see how i palesed all shades of pale? dat is cuz it is beary beary scawy!



and at the end of all dem shoots, this one artistic shot (among a few others) were the fruit of the fear, sweat an hard work. my blank look of shock an horror, the terrorizing surroundings, i can tells you, i was glad when all was said an done!



Please children, do not do this at home. all these shoots were made under professional supervisun, wif professional models and photographers, an no-one was harmed during the shoots! (but it was scarie wike caweyzey)






3 Responses to “you cant be squeemish to be a model…. home-born challenges!”

  1. poor little bear-girl! you are so brave! ❤

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