Scary fairy tale castle in BaBearia





you would not believe the awesum wooksing but also scawy locatuns i am encountering on my travels wif my Daddy TeddyTom4u! Wike bout 4 weeks ago, along the road home from yet another market, we passed fru a lil village on the foot of a stwange castle. We should has suspecteds the worsest when we spotted that church, next to the beer garden along side the road….


But we took a good looks awound, and also discovered what looks like a castle, but is not one. In fact this is wike a silo… but dont ask me what they are storesing therer… i suspect ghosties!


It comes worserer  though. you will be all scarsed, wike i has gotten… cuz cuz cuz … wooksie at this spookie castle throning on the hill ova da valley. I tells you peopol, this means nuffing good.  An to makes matturs even worserererererer, there was this super mega spookie pond, wif a twee an i got sooooo scarced, cuz it looks wike its doomed or sumfing.  I was all happsie when we got back in da  car an droves home.  so, even though its all Halloween all ova da place an stuff, you all dont get bited by no ghostie, cuz dems are way to scawy, wight? wight!






2 Responses to “Scary fairy tale castle in BaBearia”

  1. so scary! Doucette, you are so brave! ❤

  2. i know wight? i was wike Daddyyyhyyy lets goes home, an quiclie, paweeeeze!


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