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Winter is near…. or mayhaps even here?

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A clear sign,

that fall is here

and that winter is near

is when the autumn gnome

tickles my ear!


the autumn gnome

is ticklurtings meeee!



as i awoke, the beary next day

snow was all about and meant to stay

i wooksed out da window

down on the street

all in the neighborhood

snowflakes were greetins me!


sitting in the warm house

herer on my own, i realized

i have not been ticklurted in vain

by that autumn gnome






A Chapel that is mooning the street!

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in BaBearia, you will see the strangest kinds of churches and places of worship ebur! oh yes, you may doubt that, and tells me how i am wong, but after you have seen my blog, you will know that tellsing me i am wong is wong, cuz i am wight. wight? well see for yourself…

standing on the side walk, mooning the street

this lil place of worship, now is also moonsed by me 

*giggles lots*


such a naughtie building sure got my attentunnn

an so i checksed it out thinkings its naughtiness is an invitation,

beyond any doubt, an if you wooks all closlie, you can spot me therer

wight? wight! *giggles morer*


oooh i know you peopol of the interwebs, how you always says

<<picsure or it didnt happuns>>, well wooksie how i cares!

here is a close up, where you can clearlie see: meeeee

visiting the christian painted scene,

within the chapel, moonsing the street!


So see? when beforer i told you so,

an you were ful of disbelief and doubt,

scwatching your head, wot my blogs was all abouts?

– you were wong and i were wight! wight?

(say it wif me, you know you wanna)



morer of the housie huntings!

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those of my close followers knows, i am hunting housies, but i detest hasing haunted housies, an soooo, it is really hard finding somefing that will suit my needs and wants and wot i could has and what i can has, but i use my blog to show you the progress, wight? wight!


So let us have a look inside my housie hunt….

Let me be blunt: this housie looks like a flowery delight

but even dem wots of flowers cannot hide

that garstlies  ghosties do live inside 

an i know you see it too, wight? wight! 


i almost fell outta all grace

when i noticed this housies upper distressed face

an so i bowed out

and ran away wif a shout (out loud)

“sowwy dahling, but i be on my ways”


oh abundant beautie of this very sight

that yard would be fun to party all night

but my luck has it – just asks around,

this housie is ownded by an italian restaurant!


i was all shaken, just to my bone, 

did the architect and constructer miss here a tone

the right angle must been unknown,

since they built a house, like an accordion 

finally a house, all made of wood

and equipped wif a garage, that is understood

abundant the beautie, abundant my joy,

this was a house, a gem, my future toy?

everything’s looking good, i like it well

see how i am happsie now, i know you can tell…

but them peopol living there no wanna sell

oh heck!







playing on trees in the fall: but dont fall from the tree!

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Pun! Fun Pun, did you get it? did you? DID YOU????


i have been playsing on dem words fall, the season and fall down, and this blog is related to dem trees an bushes, where i was climbing, in the fall, but had to watch out so i would not fall! wight? wight *giggles morer*


sitting an swinging in a twee

all the world to see

it suwa is funs for me!

*giggling wike teehee*


ever wondered where all them Black-Berries come from peopol use so much?

they grow on trees, see? *giggle fit*


can it smells like strawberry on a leaveless tree in Novemburrr?

it can, wif Mrs Teddy’s polished nails *giggle-snorts*

(usingRevlon’s Sublime Strawberry #305)


i could not climb this tree, you see

cuz cuz cuz, it is a babie just wike me!



forget all the hype about a night in Big Apple
i am posings wif babie apple, alwight! wight? wight!


a time us widdles hold to our hearts so near ♥

suwa now soon again is here

so we set sails and decorates the evergreen twees

hopsing all them prezzles to sees, soons underneath


isn’t it beautimous, in gween, silver, gold and red?

wooksing wike all the decorating fun we have had

the tree is all happsie, and happsie is meeeee

cannot wait to unpack them prezzles under the twee!


now all my fans come here, an form a row

of course you are nervous, that suwa i knows

but this procedure will keep you on your toes

an now come close

an kisses me, on my nose

under those mistletoes!





Bye Fall 2012

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so sads as it mays be, it is now time to say buh-bye to the fall in the BaBearian Tundra and prepares for the winter-time. An so, as to say buh bye, i post some of the last uplifting picshures from the fall, so we can sigh and waves buh bye. wight? wight!

reflections by the creek


yellow flowery reflections by the yellow box


in the shade by the last grass bushels by the house


enjoysing the panorama in the last rays of warming sun!




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it roams the seas,

but it sprung from the nile, 

it is a species of its own.

fiercly to protect

widdle sweet brats

from all kinds of meanie heads’ threats

 it can swim

in salt waters

and fresh waters,

 it can run, creep and crawl

so you all

better beware

it has sharp teeth

to teach you the meaning of being scared! 

so you better be prepared

 cause this beast threats are not vile…

herer doucette presents,

the beast called SHARKODILE 



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i am so exciteds to tell you sumfing all blog internal wike, wight? wight! So, it is almost a year i am blogsing abouts, an i decideds to take up a new challenge an a new category to my blog!

because wooksie, in BaBearia, where i am livsing, derer are so many churches and chapels and temples and stuff, it would be a pity not to take picshures bouts dat, wight? wight! An so i decided to makes dat its own category….

an the name is:


some of you will be finking, pow as in Pow-Wow? an noooo, but it kinda is a pun to Pow-Wow an an an power, 

but POW is a shortcut for Places Of Worship – because as i said, there are so many fifferent optuns of dems herer, including some natural spots that are all POWerfuls wike, wight?


An now you may scwatch your scalp an think bout the hog part… an some of you will say, wight! thats the celtic goddess, wight? an yes she is, but again thats just a pun with the acronym

Hous(es) Of God(s) 


so, whenevur i see a nice model for this category i will asks Daddy TeddyTom4u to take a picshure of it, mostlie wif me posings along derer, so you all can see the zillions of fifferent places of worship and houses of them gods and goddesses. wight?