Samhain 2012


in ancient times, and to dis day for dem pagan peopol, the time around Halloween is called Samhain an its an ole celtic holiday. During this time there are far more ghosties roaming awound, an dats why one ha sto be on the watch out an stuff. It is the time of the last harvest of the year, so make suwe you have everything harvested by then, or what is left ova is for dem wild animals an faieries, wight? wight!

So wot i does wike bout Samhain, is dat one gets to light candles


an also dat you get to eat all them yummies from dem harvests, wike apples, an potatoes an onions an stuff, wight? wight!

Wot i do not wike is dem ghosties… – they can go to heck instead of frightening us widdles, wight? wight!

so… so… scawy!

an scariers stills!!!

so many ghosties, ugh UGH!!! – goes away alweady!!!

bettur light morer of dem pwotectives canduls!

an an an has some sweets against dem shocks, say it wif me…

best against shocks is chocolate, wight? wight!

or bettur yet, get a treat like cake!

an if you has to twick? but do not wanna be in twuble??? 

send a lil electronic spider your friends way, wike me… herer







One Response to “Samhain 2012”

  1. Well said Doucette! you are not only brave but also wise! 😀

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