For Pete’s sake! Cribs dreams are made of this!


i am so fudging exciteds bout dis blog, i am all jumpings up n down!!! you can jump wif me now, or wait after the blog, but i am fairlie scertain that jumpins you will beings!

So, lets start wif the start an that is dat i have been to an artisians faire on Sunday wif Daddy TeddyTom4u an the booth next to ours was Pete, who is making the most incredible wood-work you has ever seens, like eburrrr! He is making everything for miniature cribs, or farm houses, or or, an stuff, an so we asksed permissunnn to photograph an blogs bout this outstanding works, an Pete was a doll an said yessss! an so… now you can come an drool wif me over the outstanding stuff, an an if you want a piece like that? shoot me a message an i tells you how incredibly affordable they are on top!

bird’s nesting homes, crib houses, and crib/farming equipment,

the latter starting as low as 10$


say it wif me: WOW!


a Christmas-market selling booth, a beduin’s tent

your doll’y-house dreams come true


signs pointing to Bethlehem, natal scenery an more equipment

wooksie at dem details!!!


a kitchen wall in a frame, an a sewing home

the detail work is extra-ordinary an it is all hand made!!!!
and under 100$ each, go figure!!!!!

isnt that just the most awesomest wooden/crib-workings you has evur seens?






One Response to “For Pete’s sake! Cribs dreams are made of this!”

  1. awesome and absolutely adorable, thank you for sharing this with us! ❤

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