District City Housing in BaBearia


as some of you knows i am house hunting, but dat is by farer more hards den you would imagines, cuz cuz of dem many haunted housies and ghosties an i dont wike dem ghostie housies at all! stupid fudging ghosties can go to heck as far as i am concerned, wight? wight!

So when we were in da distwict city, i had a good wook awound and did take picshures of how peopol are living there, an the wesults of my hunt you can sees bellow!

this one’s balconies are made of wood, and that does sound good,

but thems are so many, i could get lost therer easilie!


dis one must has smoksed some pot, wif all dat groove!


while dis one already lost its roof!


two eyes with pink eye shadow, make dis one look distinct

but that third eye above looks like the house will sink

its hidden teeth into my neck, 

damn haunted housies, go to heck!


as if a haunted housie was not enuff,

herer is a small castle filled wif ghosties galore

excuse me while i go else-where, an quicklie!

parking in front of dat? nevurrr-more!





Peopol, after all those scares, you surer will agwee

settling for some wine cannot be a crime…

and I found a barrel hidden between a lot of housies

on a wild grown yard, that will be just the size

to make me forget my troubled housie hunting times…


5000 liters of wine should keep me happsie all da time

and if it is beer, you all come an helps me here!

wight? wight!






4 Responses to “District City Housing in BaBearia”

  1. LOL! so sweet but so much adventures! 😀

  2. All that wine … WIGHT!

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