Peopol wistens. dems intelligents peopol say, dat nomen est omen, meaning the name is an omen wikes, wight? wight! So taking that into account, we could also says dat signs are meaningfuls, an sooo, today’s blog is about signs an wot they could be meansing to say…



this sign is a horse-shoe, maybe it is the house of a smith



this beer brewery sign is a crown, means we can get royally sloshed



a garden in mids the city … means, peopol know how to relax herer!

*giggles morer*


Barbie all wrapped in Autumny colors an an  warm clothes galore…

 a sign it got cold outta there



teddie doucette sitting in a food bowl in the fry pan…

a sign it is TIME TO EAT!














3 Responses to “”

  1. Excellent work, once again!

  2. you travel so much! 😀

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