i am so exciteds to tell you sumfing all blog internal wike, wight? wight! So, it is almost a year i am blogsing abouts, an i decideds to take up a new challenge an a new category to my blog!

because wooksie, in BaBearia, where i am livsing, derer are so many churches and chapels and temples and stuff, it would be a pity not to take picshures bouts dat, wight? wight! An so i decided to makes dat its own category….

an the name is:


some of you will be finking, pow as in Pow-Wow? an noooo, but it kinda is a pun to Pow-Wow an an an power, 

but POW is a shortcut for Places Of Worship – because as i said, there are so many fifferent optuns of dems herer, including some natural spots that are all POWerfuls wike, wight?


An now you may scwatch your scalp an think bout the hog part… an some of you will say, wight! thats the celtic goddess, wight? an yes she is, but again thats just a pun with the acronym

Hous(es) Of God(s) 


so, whenevur i see a nice model for this category i will asks Daddy TeddyTom4u to take a picshure of it, mostlie wif me posings along derer, so you all can see the zillions of fifferent places of worship and houses of them gods and goddesses. wight?







One Response to “POW HOG”

  1. such a wonderful idea, and it will make you travel even more! ❤

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