playing on trees in the fall: but dont fall from the tree!

Pun! Fun Pun, did you get it? did you? DID YOU????


i have been playsing on dem words fall, the season and fall down, and this blog is related to dem trees an bushes, where i was climbing, in the fall, but had to watch out so i would not fall! wight? wight *giggles morer*


sitting an swinging in a twee

all the world to see

it suwa is funs for me!

*giggling wike teehee*


ever wondered where all them Black-Berries come from peopol use so much?

they grow on trees, see? *giggle fit*


can it smells like strawberry on a leaveless tree in Novemburrr?

it can, wif Mrs Teddy’s polished nails *giggle-snorts*

(usingRevlon’s Sublime Strawberry #305)


i could not climb this tree, you see

cuz cuz cuz, it is a babie just wike me!



forget all the hype about a night in Big Apple
i am posings wif babie apple, alwight! wight? wight!


a time us widdles hold to our hearts so near ♥

suwa now soon again is here

so we set sails and decorates the evergreen twees

hopsing all them prezzles to sees, soons underneath


isn’t it beautimous, in gween, silver, gold and red?

wooksing wike all the decorating fun we have had

the tree is all happsie, and happsie is meeeee

cannot wait to unpack them prezzles under the twee!


now all my fans come here, an form a row

of course you are nervous, that suwa i knows

but this procedure will keep you on your toes

an now come close

an kisses me, on my nose

under those mistletoes!






2 Responses to “playing on trees in the fall: but dont fall from the tree!”

  1. it is so much fun to see you in all these situations and so funny your fun pun (giggle) 😀

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