morer of the housie huntings!


those of my close followers knows, i am hunting housies, but i detest hasing haunted housies, an soooo, it is really hard finding somefing that will suit my needs and wants and wot i could has and what i can has, but i use my blog to show you the progress, wight? wight!


So let us have a look inside my housie hunt….

Let me be blunt: this housie looks like a flowery delight

but even dem wots of flowers cannot hide

that garstlies  ghosties do live inside 

an i know you see it too, wight? wight! 


i almost fell outta all grace

when i noticed this housies upper distressed face

an so i bowed out

and ran away wif a shout (out loud)

“sowwy dahling, but i be on my ways”


oh abundant beautie of this very sight

that yard would be fun to party all night

but my luck has it – just asks around,

this housie is ownded by an italian restaurant!


i was all shaken, just to my bone, 

did the architect and constructer miss here a tone

the right angle must been unknown,

since they built a house, like an accordion 

finally a house, all made of wood

and equipped wif a garage, that is understood

abundant the beautie, abundant my joy,

this was a house, a gem, my future toy?

everything’s looking good, i like it well

see how i am happsie now, i know you can tell…

but them peopol living there no wanna sell

oh heck!







2 Responses to “morer of the housie huntings!”

  1. oh heck! I like the wooden one too! 😀 Please go on searching, you will find somefing…

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