A Chapel that is mooning the street!


in BaBearia, you will see the strangest kinds of churches and places of worship ebur! oh yes, you may doubt that, and tells me how i am wong, but after you have seen my blog, you will know that tellsing me i am wong is wong, cuz i am wight. wight? well see for yourself…

standing on the side walk, mooning the street

this lil place of worship, now is also moonsed by me 

*giggles lots*


such a naughtie building sure got my attentunnn

an so i checksed it out thinkings its naughtiness is an invitation,

beyond any doubt, an if you wooks all closlie, you can spot me therer

wight? wight! *giggles morer*


oooh i know you peopol of the interwebs, how you always says

<<picsure or it didnt happuns>>, well wooksie how i cares!

here is a close up, where you can clearlie see: meeeee

visiting the christian painted scene,

within the chapel, moonsing the street!


So see? when beforer i told you so,

an you were ful of disbelief and doubt,

scwatching your head, wot my blogs was all abouts?

– you were wong and i were wight! wight?

(say it wif me, you know you wanna)




One Response to “A Chapel that is mooning the street!”

  1. well moonsed!!! ;P your blog is such fun to read Doucette ❤

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