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and the world was saved from the apocalypse… 22/dec/2012

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the lesser known fifth horse-(wo)man prophecy.

and an angel appeared in the sky,


and i heard trumpets like thunder, though there was no lightning. and the angel said: cometh and see, and so i looked and saw, the fifth rider.

On a blue horse, and the rider looked orange, but more like a girl, and also like a bear, and horse and rider looked all fluffy.


and the rider was equipped with beaded gems jewelry 

and wore a scarf waving like a flag in the wind,


and in its paw, she held a classy clutch as a sign that she has come to bring the joys of fashion and style onto the peopol. And behold, i asked the fluffy one, what her name would be, she who was oh so soft and magnificent, heaven sent … and she said, she was to be called doucette, the teddie girl, and that she would make things beary wight!

and beary wight it was made indeed

and so, the fifth of the horse-man brought in a revelation of style and fashion, oft soft fluffy compassion and how to make things all wight. wight? wight!

oh how we thank thee, blue horse riding fifth knight!

blushel-lushel*giggle friggle!*


love you all my fans, Happsie Holidays!






another gharstlie Ghostie stowy!!!!

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you suwa were all wonderings bouts where did the doucette go, she has not blogsed in such a wong time! An contrary to rumors, i was busy helpsing Santa wif dem presents, i had been busy elser! As the title of the blog indicates, i had another case of haunted otherworldly experience wif dem toopid ghosties!


Out of no-where it caught me unpreparedes, an when it did its evul twicks, i got weavy beary scarced!


It all happunsed so quicklie, i was totally caught in its twap, an got so beary scarced…. an instead of gosing to my Daddy i just ran away into hidings….


but as you can imagines, that did not stop the ghostie, an it kepts pesterings meheeee!


so finally i cwept up to Daddy TeddyTom4u while He was busy on the computer an tolds Hims all bouts it!


an let me tell you, that was the bestest thing to do. Daddy TeddyTom4u was not amused at all!!!!! He got into His ghost-busting gear and sought the ghostie out. *HA!* Daddy roared *SO YOU THINK YOU CAN BE FRIGHTENING THEM LIDDLES?*


the ghostie was so busteds!


The ghostie tried to deny it all, so Daddy asksed me to come an gives my testimony an so i did but i had to hide in Daddy’s shirt, since i was still so scarced, wight? wight! In the end the ghostie did confesses…


But the ghostie’s twuble had but started. Daddy TeddyTom4u kept scolding it, tellsing it off about how unfairs them ghosties are to us widdles, givsing us scares an fright, an then we cannot sweep at night, wight? wight! an dats wong, cause we need a good nights sweep so we can grow and be stwong, an so… Daddy went on and on, an the ghostie weavy got them remorses wots and wots and morer! And in the end, Daddy TeddyTom4u decided about wot punishesment there would be, for the unruly ghostie!

Since serving time makes no sense for a ghostie, Daddy found a sentence fitting the cwime! And now the ghostie has to write many millions a time, that following line: 

GhOsTiePUNISHESED-4I shall not frighten them littles



This will keeps da ghostie busy an teaches it a lesson, wight? wight! And for meeeheee that is doubly a happsie ending, cause now i can enjoys life again fullie, wif my bewuved Daddy! 

DaddyTeddy-potatosouphasing some soup, and all was just good


a hardware store suwa is a place all stwange….

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i has to tell you a stowy, peopol of all ages...

a hardware store is a place all stwanges

an the peopol it attracts come from different ranges

things you will see, will make you think, oh wee! 

or maybe also, lets run away, and quicklie…

like you can imagine how i got derranged

when i saw these many sizes and shapes of chains

i was glad i could soon escape,

and needed some relief

that i found in a chinese

meditation retreat!

afterwards on my stroll i just would prepare to go

Buddha telling me, wot i needed to know

the long walk of a thousand miles

he said wif a smile

begins with the first step

well let us not forget,

that i am all widdles

to me a zilluion steps it takes

to accomplish even one single mile

but i see, that for giants

a mile quicklier is arranged

and just so them would me remind

they left their big footsie prints behind 

all ova da place

you know wot, i cried my boohoos

when i saw those tons of canes made of giant bamboos

who would need anything like that?

luckie me i quicklie escaped

just to be suwa, just to be safe

i hid in a housie on a nearby shelf

rumors had it, i had flipped a birdie

but when you look closelie

it wasn’t me: it was the housie!

i was so happsie when i finally got home

all those hardware store scaries

just leave me alone!

instead of chains and canes 

i am gonna has me somefings good

and like the baby-girl-bear

i am

i am gonna be eating babie sized food





guess dis – expressunnn!

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Peopol, it must be ages we played that guessins game, an so i will recapitulate dem wules, so you knows how the game goes, wight? wight. So i will post a picshure bellow, an you has to guesses wot it represents. an so you has it not too hard, i will tells you the category, which in this case is AN EXPRESSUNNN!!!!

an an an, i will give a hint, an another hint, so you can guesses it, but in the end i will kiss an tell an spill the beans, but so you dont bump into it unwantedly, i will say spoiler alerts firster so you are warnsed, but in the end of the blog there will be the correct solution, an you could does me a favor an comment whether you has guesseds it wight, wight? wight! so herer is da picshure:

in case you did not recognize: it is me wif a moo, too

OK so can you guesses  da expwessun????? nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo????
hmmmm, so the firster hint is in the captun under the picshure, a moo and me, wot could that expwessunnn be? *giggles* ,
ok so another hint for my guessisings fwends… even though the moo is attached to a pillow, the expressunnn has nuffing to do wif a pillow, an even though i sit on my own lil bed, it has nuffing to do wif a bed eithur!!!!

*giggles morer*

arent i all helpfuls agains?
well, so last hint for today… after that i will gives it all away!

it is an expressunnn of supwize





i am suwa now you know!

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
; ; ; ; ; the expressun is: HOLY COW – WOW! so, did you guesses it? *giggles mostest*