guess dis – expressunnn!

Peopol, it must be ages we played that guessins game, an so i will recapitulate dem wules, so you knows how the game goes, wight? wight. So i will post a picshure bellow, an you has to guesses wot it represents. an so you has it not too hard, i will tells you the category, which in this case is AN EXPRESSUNNN!!!!

an an an, i will give a hint, an another hint, so you can guesses it, but in the end i will kiss an tell an spill the beans, but so you dont bump into it unwantedly, i will say spoiler alerts firster so you are warnsed, but in the end of the blog there will be the correct solution, an you could does me a favor an comment whether you has guesseds it wight, wight? wight! so herer is da picshure:

in case you did not recognize: it is me wif a moo, too

OK so can you guesses  da expwessun????? nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo????
hmmmm, so the firster hint is in the captun under the picshure, a moo and me, wot could that expwessunnn be? *giggles* ,
ok so another hint for my guessisings fwends… even though the moo is attached to a pillow, the expressunnn has nuffing to do wif a pillow, an even though i sit on my own lil bed, it has nuffing to do wif a bed eithur!!!!

*giggles morer*

arent i all helpfuls agains?
well, so last hint for today… after that i will gives it all away!

it is an expressunnn of supwize





i am suwa now you know!

SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
; ; ; ; ; the expressun is: HOLY COW – WOW! so, did you guesses it? *giggles mostest*



2 Responses to “guess dis – expressunnn!”

  1. I did not get this one, thought “mad cow”??? (giggle) nooooo! it was all wrong again. Next time will be good, wight?

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