a hardware store suwa is a place all stwange….

i has to tell you a stowy, peopol of all ages...

a hardware store is a place all stwanges

an the peopol it attracts come from different ranges

things you will see, will make you think, oh wee! 

or maybe also, lets run away, and quicklie…

like you can imagine how i got derranged

when i saw these many sizes and shapes of chains

i was glad i could soon escape,

and needed some relief

that i found in a chinese

meditation retreat!

afterwards on my stroll i just would prepare to go

Buddha telling me, wot i needed to know

the long walk of a thousand miles

he said wif a smile

begins with the first step

well let us not forget,

that i am all widdles

to me a zilluion steps it takes

to accomplish even one single mile

but i see, that for giants

a mile quicklier is arranged

and just so them would me remind

they left their big footsie prints behind 

all ova da place

you know wot, i cried my boohoos

when i saw those tons of canes made of giant bamboos

who would need anything like that?

luckie me i quicklie escaped

just to be suwa, just to be safe

i hid in a housie on a nearby shelf

rumors had it, i had flipped a birdie

but when you look closelie

it wasn’t me: it was the housie!

i was so happsie when i finally got home

all those hardware store scaries

just leave me alone!

instead of chains and canes 

i am gonna has me somefings good

and like the baby-girl-bear

i am

i am gonna be eating babie sized food






2 Responses to “a hardware store suwa is a place all stwange….”

  1. so sweet and so wise! ❤ Wight?

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