and the world was saved from the apocalypse… 22/dec/2012

the lesser known fifth horse-(wo)man prophecy.

and an angel appeared in the sky,


and i heard trumpets like thunder, though there was no lightning. and the angel said: cometh and see, and so i looked and saw, the fifth rider.

On a blue horse, and the rider looked orange, but more like a girl, and also like a bear, and horse and rider looked all fluffy.


and the rider was equipped with beaded gems jewelry 

and wore a scarf waving like a flag in the wind,


and in its paw, she held a classy clutch as a sign that she has come to bring the joys of fashion and style onto the peopol. And behold, i asked the fluffy one, what her name would be, she who was oh so soft and magnificent, heaven sent … and she said, she was to be called doucette, the teddie girl, and that she would make things beary wight!

and beary wight it was made indeed

and so, the fifth of the horse-man brought in a revelation of style and fashion, oft soft fluffy compassion and how to make things all wight. wight? wight!

oh how we thank thee, blue horse riding fifth knight!

blushel-lushel*giggle friggle!*


love you all my fans, Happsie Holidays!






3 Responses to “and the world was saved from the apocalypse… 22/dec/2012”

  1. beary wight! ((((giggle friggle)))))

  2. missslisa Says:

    Oh that is just wonderful. You are the most beautiful ornament on that tree sweet Doucette.

  3. […] ended their calendurrr but it did not ends the world, also because of the fluffey 5th rider, wike the lost prophecy had predicted, wight? […]

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