i am soooo exciteds to tellsing you about the gweat fortunnnne i has gots, cuz cuz cuz Daddy TeddyTom4u and Mrs Teddy said that between the markets during winterbreak so to speak we would have a vacatunnn!

An of course, i was wike, yay, get the credit card and lets fly to them Bahamas, wight? wight!


So i started packsing all my stuff, cuz a girl (bear) has to be pwepaweds wight? wight! But to close my suitcase i had to sit on it!


Now I was all weady for departure. Sitting on my hand luggage i had my widdle lollipop and then renewed my make-up! A model wike me has to be pwetty at all times too!


 An to shorten my time i calculateds the milage an how long we would be flysing too!


I was suwa we would fly awond the world, wike you know?


It did come as a widdle shocks tho, whenn Daddy told me we would not be flysing to them Bahamas… but

Mrs Cake (thats Mrs Teddy) graciously made some


fried buttered bananas!




One Response to “Vacatunnnns”

  1. you have earned some vacation, Doucette, after you have worked so much! hope you will enjoy every bit! ❤

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