Living in a post-card


when you are a beary popular photo-model wike me, you get to poses for many a picshure in pitoresque suwwoundings, wight? wight!

And when the winter days are cold and gray, an you wish it were another season, wif wots and wots of fun, you can always look back at the fun times you have had, an havent weavy enjoysed to their fullest, being all busy wight? wight!

An such a time we have now, wif rain and cold weathur, an it is all burrrr cold, burrrrr an no sun in sight … but i had been to a fall themed picshure shoot last year, in BearVille in BaBearia, an here are a few of them many picshures, an know wot? them memories do warms my heart!


BearVille an one of its towers wooksing at me, 

an me wooksing back



me all happsie not to be just another brick in da wall



wuv how the scenery reflects in the water


also wuv dat da water is not wettings meeee

*giggles morer*


somehow the tower tries to imitate muh face

playsing “cutie tower-patootie”






One Response to “Living in a post-card”

  1. there is only one cutie patootie and that´s you! I have missed you these last days ❤

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