forget MacGuyver – here is MacGirlBear!


am so fudging exciteds! i has to tell you the whole stowie. 

It all began when i was hasing bweakfast, made by the wonderfullous Mrs Teddy…


thinking me of nuffing spechulz, just twying to wakes up, wight? wight!

when suddnely the phone rang, so i went an answered the phone…

and to my supwize it was a call fwom

flagge us anim gr


Them peopol told me they would need my help wif a case… an so i got dwessed an into the civil police car they sent


so i could help wif my super teddie girlie powers!!!!!


Evidently some stupid fudging Ghostie has stolen a hellocopter an was threatening doom!



it took me all my bravery to go an confronts them… but i wouldnt be Daddys Mac GirlBear if i crumbled… an soooooooooo

macgalbear22 macgalbear31

them gangsters tried to shake me down and off an all, but i cept on holding tight to that hellocopter, an eventually forced them to suwwender!


that will teach them a wesson! you dont threaten doom ebbur, wight? wight!


after that adventure i was all happsie to get back home wif my Daddy an enjoy me some food togethur. We had Spaghetti a la Carbonara, by Mrs Teddy, wif bacon an all, it was oh so yummie! and since i ghad been such a brave girl bear i got my own baby plate an my own baby fork and baby spoon everything just wike them Bigs, wike muh Daddy, but but but all widdles, cause i am all widdles, even if Mac GirlBear!












4 Responses to “forget MacGuyver – here is MacGirlBear!”

  1. missslisa Says:

    Oh thank you so much for helping to keep America safe. You are just the bravest girl bear ever!!!

  2. You so earned your reward, you rock brave little bear girl!!! :DDD ❤

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