St. Bearitz promo – forget sankt moritz ….



i have been booked for a promo tour modeling for a new winter and snow paradize, one that suwa will outrank the swiss st. moritz in no time…. an so Daddy TeddyTom4u and i went therer, Him as muh photographer an me as his widdle model, an it was so beary cool, an i am not just talking temperature herer, wight? wight!


Todays blog will concentrate on the many possubilities to enjoys the snow paradize of St. Bearitz…. 


wike of coursie you can go there an ski, wike i has. i was blessed with an additional photo-shoot for a Chocolate company who gifted me those awesum-sauce ski’s wif their promo design, an of coursie also quite some chocolate bars just for meeeee to has! i am such a beary wucky girl!!!!!

StBeariz-MRski21did my promo-shoot for the chocolate company



waiteds patiuntlies  for the helocopter to pics me up…



an drops me off at the mountain tops nearby…,



StBeariz-MRski52did another promo-shot therer!




and off i went wif my beary own skiing funs!






2 Responses to “St. Bearitz promo – forget sankt moritz ….”

  1. wow! you are so talented! and so cute with your little ski gear!!! ❤

    • fank you for dose compliments. i totally am in wuv wif my skis an so wanna go soon on a skiing vacatunnnn (espechially since i has a life time mebership in st bearitz *giggle*)

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