Medieval Defense-wall: a fifferent bearspective

Fun! Fun Pun!

Did you get it, dids you, …  DID YOU????

it was in the title: bearspective, that is perspective wif a bear in it *giggle-snorts* ahem, but that is just aside.

today’s blog will focus once morer on the defensewall from the 15th century.

defensewall2-01the sign reads: walk-able defense wall built 1475… enter at own risk

we all need a break from the winterly weathur after all wif snow every-bear… fun pun! did you get it? did you? DID YOU? every-bear is everywhere wif bear in it *giggle-fit*. Seeheeee? wif doucette blog you get a great beary versatile educatiunnnn in widdles an in culture, all in one! uhu uhu! *giggles morererer*


BUT: class NOT dismissed … *giggles lots*

Now we go back to the defense wall and will show it from a different angle, and this way we can get a beary fifferent bearspective comparsed to da one we had wif the scawy ghostie, wight? wight!

defensewall2-11climbings up, wot surely is not a stairway to heaven….




taking a pause before wooksing awound…


defensewall2-22wot a contwast between the 15th and 21st centuwy!


wow wot a view…  thats where dem soldiers were wunning!




catching some bwonze in between shoots, enjoysing the view




See, wot an adventurous life i has as model an wot beautimous an mysterical places there are here in BaBearia… i cannot wait to show you the next part of the defense wall, wif picshures you would not believe possuble. but this is it for todays blog, so you has still some medieval stuffs to wooks foreward to, too. wight? wight!


2 Responses to “Medieval Defense-wall: a fifferent bearspective”

  1. You are so brave! This is such a dangerous place where one can fall out so easily! I am glad you made it in one piece and all so pretty on top! 😀

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