the holy plates mystery…


i was beary supwized when i stumbled on a plate, with a hole in the center. Why would peopol do that? is it like an entry for the ants, or an exit for sauce you dont wike?


whatevur it is, it is beary strange!

And you can imagine my supwize, when i realized, that the hole was not just in the big plate, but also at the regular size as the small… such a pretty decor and then this hole in the middle… i was puzzled by this riddle, and not just a widdle!!!!


But then i strolled around, my friends, and found other items, with my beary paws, (which is my equivalent to your hands) and suddenly: eureka! i understands!


sure there is quite some assembly required, but i am a girl who knows how to does the works and does it yourself, an so…


i built up the plates, as intended to this étagère, and this is how the mystery was solvsed!







2 Responses to “the holy plates mystery…”

  1. and a good detective you are too!? you never stop to amaze me Sweetie! ❤

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