St. Bearitz promo, pt. 2 – the hotels


as you know i have been invited to do  promo photo-shoots for the snow paradize of St. Bearitz. In my last blog about the topic i have shown you helocopter skiing and chocolate promotunnn….


well today i wanna shows you how awesum the hotels are therer.


The rooms are cozy and yet you has enough space to feel all comfortabulzzz. Wooksie what a beary nice view you had from the rear window… you can see the other hotels, that are more the character of pensions, or if you wanna you can rent your own housies (also in the background). But what i wiksed the mostest is the romantic atmo complete with ice cicles… wight? wight!


A beary nice room service is that you can ask to has hotels own pets be wif you in the room, so you has some company, in case you are all alone, or in case you just wanna be wif pets on your vacatunns!!!


Of coursie, da most important thing is the beddie. Because all dat skiing an playsing wif dem kitties an stuff is so tiresome. Now you suwa has heard many bad experiences fwom hotels all awound the world… well i can tell you in St Bearitz you will not be let down wike dat… au contraire!!!!


The beddie was all cozie, and clean an had the most beautimous sheets an matching pillow cases… wooksie at dem nice flowers an bright colors!!! So widdles fwendlies!

But i would be not a good beddie tester if i just wooksed at the surface, an soooo, i did a widdle stroll inside the beddings, an wot can i tells you? it even got bettur… the sheet was a cozy an warm brown blankie, making me feel wike laying on the rich soil of spwing, covered with a shiny lawn an flowers….


i swept wike a baybie! wooksie!!!







2 Responses to “St. Bearitz promo, pt. 2 – the hotels”

  1. you look so cute everywhere, the hotel has probably charged you nothing but rather gave you money for such great advertising! Have a beary nice day Sweetie ❤

    • giggle friggle, i has a life time membership in the club St. Bearitz due to my pwomotunnn, but dat doesnt means i would have reporteds fifferently if i hadnt had it. it is just a snowy paradize an there will be a nighlife blog comsing soon too! an 3 😀


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