beary impressive… the medieval defense wall (pt.3)


in todays 3rd part about the medieval defense wall from the 15th century i will again abducts you to share the mystery and also impressive view and impressiunnns i collecteds on that foto-shoot. Yet again you will see that being a photo-model, wike me, is nuffing for dem squeemish ones…  cuz aint no roof just high enough… to not poses on it, wight? wight!

defensewall3-20herer you can see where dem soldiers used to wuns…

while i am posings up above: fun fun fun!



defensewall3-32another bearspective of the defense wall,

can you spots me, wike at all?



defensewall3-34here i am, peek a boo!

thats where them soldiers used to shoots out, mind you



defensewall3-44you cannot have  no head for heights,

but you can be wooksing left an right!



defensewall3-45to my left as you can see… the defense wall is pretty steep,

but them middle ages now are gone,

as the quad bike proves standing down therer alone !


defensewall3-55to my right, i spotted this picture full of delight:

peopol built there sunny deck, on top the roof 

because you can relax anywhere, an this is the proof!



defensewall3-21so now peopol dont you cwy, but doucette says for tonite buh-bye

quite some lessons we has learned, a models mola hard is earned


food-cakecranberriesbut it is worth it, my fab lil fate…

cuz i gets spoilsed wif eatings Mrs Teddy’s cake!






2 Responses to “beary impressive… the medieval defense wall (pt.3)”

  1. you are so brave sitting there above an abyss :O and thank you for these beautiful pictures. You sure have earned your money Sweetie! ❤

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