Ha! and yet another new category!


i have added a new categories to my blog so it is morer organized. my Daddy, TeddyTom4u is drawing some comix about a Nortie Ghostie.

them comix are light at heart, about a Nortie Ghostie playing pranks, getting in twuble an being punishesed…. an i know that peopol wike dose comix an so i got the OK fwom Daddy to features those stowies on my blog! An the new category is namsed:

linie rainbow anim

Nortie Ghostie comix

linie firewall anim


So in case you wonder what mischief the Nortie Ghostie has got itself into…. you now know how to wooks for it….



2 Responses to “Ha! and yet another new category!”

  1. this ghost looks very nasty and dangerous, aren´t you a little bit scared? I know I would be. You are so brave!!!!! ❤

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