St. Bearitz promo – pt 3 – the HK party


a winter paradize would be only half as nice, if it were all about the daylight activities, wight? wight. 


Because no mattur, how much a delight it is to do the skiing, and hiking an sun-bathing … we all know that a great place for your vacatiunnns also needs to have a night life worth its title.


An, an, an, wot can i says? Forget anything you heard bout St. Moritz, because in St. Bearitz, they difinitely do know how to party! Imagine: the world known super star, Hello Kitty herself was hosting a huge party with a look alike contest…


i was so exciteds to be invited to such a high society event, an so i put on my feathers boa an a beary stylish Hello-Kitty handbag, thats on top of my cwutch of coursie, ready to go an party! It was already past 7 when i was all stylsed up, an ready to go!


Well as you can imagine, the place was crowded and the competitunnn was quite hard, but us models can behaves ourselves an not throw hissy fits an stuff. Instead i poseds for the press in my impwessive, warm an cozey dwess! An my style an all was quite some success. 


But i knew it would be quite hard to win this competitunnn, seeing the model dressed as pink feathers balerina, or even the pink pilot girl. Dems were the totally coolest an hottest an i would have bets that they would win… an dems did…


But i twied givsing it my bestest, an so i dwessed myself all hello kitty wike, wight? with that purple bow an all?  wight!


An wot do you know? i won the competitunnn as best non-kitty wooking wike Hello-Kitty!


here the host herself cuddled me up to congwats me!

doucette, a teddie framed by Hello Kitty

i got to pose in the heart-winners frame…


an here i am wif my trophy, my beary own huges hello kitty stuffie!

So in conclusion of my experiences in St Bearitz, i can honestly say, that i will come back to this wonderful winter paradize.


 Maybe i will sees one of you therer too, my wuvliest fans? den we can pose together at the St. Bearitz mascot: the snow bear!!!






2 Responses to “St. Bearitz promo – pt 3 – the HK party”

  1. I love your party outfit!!!! and am so happy that you won, you so deserve it girl! Congratulations! ❤

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