twicks gwandma knew…. miricoulous onions



did you know what a miricoulous fruit or rather vegetuble those onions are? dems are truly magic. i had already told you about some of its magic in a former blog, wight? wight!


But therer is morer to dem onions, an so i will tells you all bouts it!


You know how hard it is to get rust stains out of clothes, an how we will go to the dry cleaners and spend all the mola? well, no morer!


Just take the juice of a fresh onion, and pour it onto the rust stain. let sit for 24 hors and wash as usual..ö. and no more rust stain!


Seeheeee? Dem Grandmas knew all sorts of twicks! an thanks to meehee, now so do you. 






2 Responses to “twicks gwandma knew…. miricoulous onions”

  1. Thank you Doucette, do you know that you have to buy products to remove rust stains? and now I can save the money thanks to you, this is a great trick and you look soooo sweeeet with your little lace cap on your head! ❤

  2. blushel lushel!!!!!!!!

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