brand new game: spot doucette!



in all those blogs bouts modeling and gathering and sharing of informatunnns, we nearly do not plays enough, wight? wight!


And because the guess-dis game is often so hard on you peopol, i has comesed up wif a new fun game, where you can guesses again, but it will be much less brain work and more eye works… *giggles*


an so you know how to play here are them RULES….

i will postie a picshure for yous

and you has to spot me in therer and tells me in them comments, where you think i was…


so lets try wif a tiny example… 


so the correct answer would has been: secluded behind the brown hat…

*giggles more*


see? not so hard is it?

*giggles morerer*





so here goes the first challenge (still on the easy side though….





so, can you see meeeee?








2 Responses to “brand new game: spot doucette!”

  1. you are looking all cute behind the hats! I am looking forward to playing this game with you Sweetie! ❤

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