a winters tale on a market day


today i will abducts you to a market day in late December, but i wont tell you from what year… because the medieval houses, and the atmosphere of the market day in Altdorf bei Nuernberg, in BaBearia could very well be in a long gone by era, wight? wight!

altdorf12-01a hotel with a horse-head and a market place with fruit… an mee!




behind me, the gray house was once home of  ‘Lord Wallenstein’

whom you maybe know from a piece by Friedrich von Schiller

but if you dont know that piece, here is another bon mot…

A fart is no triller. Friedrich von Schiller



altdorf12-02ole housies from fifferent eras all uniteds to a frame for the market

the streets covered by snows blanket, and for you all there

there is me, covered with a scarf, for it was cold you know?



altdorf12-11acroos the street: a huge church front, stud-work-houses,

snowed in – behind me – you see?

*giggles more*



and the churches tail, more stud work houses

and in front of them the market booths … and me, mind you!



altdorf12-22and even more market booths…

and in the background thrones, the town hall

but in the foreground, you can see

a teddie bear girl, doucette, and that would be meeeee

*giggles like Gigglamesh*








2 Responses to “a winters tale on a market day”

  1. you are the cutest little girl ever and you make me want to be there with you! 😀

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