spoilsed wotten by Mrs Teddy’s cake

Peopol,  you will all suwa be all jealous, but i has to tells you how i get spoilsed wotten by Mrs Teddy too!

Wike, when i was helpsing muh Daddy TeddyTom4u at His yard sale, 


Mrs Teddy brought me a Teddy formed cake… and it was even my size….



it was so awesums an sweet and buttery an an an I yumsed it all ups and gots all sorts of happsie

see? thats how i wubs my modeling career, with treats and sweets and cakes galore! an you would too, wight? wight!!!!!!!






2 Responses to “spoilsed wotten by Mrs Teddy’s cake”

  1. You so deserve it because you are sooo sweet yourself! ❤

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