a beary archeological dig…

Peopol, i got supwized the other day by another call, where my beary help was needed and required…


an i assures you, i could not believes my earsies, about whot has been proposeds to me! i was to go on an expeditunnn, more precisely to an archeological dig!


i got all kinds of exciteds, an so i am weady for all eventualities did pack my big knife, because its always better to be preBearsed, then sowwy (PUN,, fun pun, got it?  GOT ?!!! – prebearsed is being prepared … with bear in it! *giggle-lots*)


even travelling to the dig locatunnn was an adventure… first a helocopter brought me to the nearest port….


therer i had to board a boat…


and the last part of the trip i had to ride a quad motor-bike!


the dig itself started out with some heavy digging machines, brought in on giant twucks….


since it was in the desert i had to wear my shades!


then i was told that they had dug an entry to a tomb, (i felts all wike Laura Croft, *giggle-fit* and to get weady to go in muhself. So I put on my helmet and was all prepareds and weady to go…


... but they told me, i would need to go down therer in a skafander (penguin-suit)!!!!! 


once in the desired locatunnn i had to crawl in the adits and galleries


but it was all worth wile… because


wooksie what i found!!!!!!!!

archeolo1-21om-vasewell that was quite the adventure, an now you knows why there were not so many updates lately, wight? wight! but i am all happsie now to be home, and getting pampered wif dem besteds foods… 


an also i am so happsie cuz! this was my 200s blog!!!!! An dat deserves a celebratunnn party too! 




2 Responses to “a beary archeological dig…”

  1. wow! you live such adventures! such an awesome archeological found and you still look as lovely and sweet as ever! ❤

  2. oh and congratulations on your 200th blog!!!!!! YAY!!!

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