Impwessuns fwom Bear-Villes annual horsie show 2013.1


here in the BaBearian tundra, exiting entertainment is rather scarce …

13mole11excitements of the BaBearian tundra… mole fest 2013 *giggle-fit*

… an so even wot may be a small deal in the city is a huges deal in the county! But the annual Bear-Ville horsie show for suwa is no small event… an would make quite the impwessun on every city just the same…

13rossmarkt62starmeeee, surrounded by gems & illuminated by the sun herself…


an so you peopol from every-bear  (giggles, fun, fun pun! giggles: every-bear: that is everywhere with bear in it!) can also participate in the awe that is dem horsies, i been derer for you, wif muh Daddy TeddyTom4u, an we took quite some picshures for you to enjoys…

13rossmarkt61demono wowwies, not all horsies were made of wood *giggles*

so without further ado… dwum-woll ( that is drum-roll, of coursie)


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> for dem stars:

dem HOSRIES!!!!!

13rossmarkt80comingwooksie: here dems come!!!!!

,13rossmarkt82blkwowmajestic, gracefuls, powerfuls black beauties!!!


13rossmarkt94blkbeautrightfully wearing pompous accessories – stunning!


13rossmarkt84blkbeautmaksing their peopol 20 shades of proud!


See? Dat was some parade of horsies, wight there on your scween! An them picshures barely do them horsies justice, but as i said, it is just impwessuns, wight? wight!

 anyway, derer will be morer blogs from da annual Bear-Ville horese show soon, so stay tunesed.






2 Responses to “Impwessuns fwom Bear-Villes annual horsie show 2013.1”

  1. I will stay tuned of course, this is so amazing! I was there but could not take such great pictures. Thank you for sharing! 😀

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