powerful brownies!

Peopol, today we will be talking about brownies, who have quite some horsepower…


nooohoooooo, not these brownies


but them brown horsies i was honored to witness at this years Bear-Ville annual horsie-show….

so, lets get them stars of this blog shining… wight? wight!



13rossmarkt81convoya convoy of 2 pairs… notice how the man behind the first pair

is pulled all over the place. thats just 2 horse powers!



13rossmarkt96brnthese beauties blushed so hard…

they got red ears! *giggles*


13rossmarkt83brnwowhippie horsies… wif long hairs an a friendly groupie girl



13rossmarkt93zugeven though the man was strong

the horsie in the kilt, pulled him along


13rossmarkt85brnwowmorer of them long haired horsies

dancing on the street



13rossmarkt92jigan this horsie fella, makes his peopol jig!


13rossmarkt90brnproud yet unprejudiced… perfectly beautimous power

twuly an amazing grace!

13rossmarkt95nr1brnand these 2 horsies, just wike the girlie

wooksing us straight in the face









4 Responses to “powerful brownies!”

  1. Awesome pictures! Incredible, you must have been so close! Thank you for sharing, this is truly beautiful! ❤

  2. missslisa Says:

    Doucettte, you are such a bear about the town :). How beautiful! Thank you so much for Shari.g.

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