a word a week challenge: hat, wot bout that?


there is a blog an they make weekly challenges, an this week, they are gosing for hats,  seeheee?


kitchen-iNeedCoffee86technically not a hat… but oh well….

an well, it is not so hard to has a hat pic wif me, since i have had a few, an so i will shows them off to too.


an a spechial thanx goes to Katie fwom Prague by Katie, whose blog brought this challenge to my attentunnn!


so, lets see what doucette hats…

(giggle, fun pun, with hats and has, wight? wight!)



hat-cowgirlarent i a cute widdle cow girl? or bear girl??

you decide!

*giggles lots*



alu-hatDaddy TeddyTom4u wearing his alu-foil hat

so dem peopol cannot read His mind… 




baywa1208-house63this housie was so tinies, it could be worn as a hat too!



siBearia3though it may wooks wike a hat, this is NOT one, 

an you are so much bettur offs not twying it on, espechully

if it is used, unless you wanna be a ‘cwap-head’




modeling-hats-scotsit’s Brigadoooooon!




nu-nightiei can wear hats even to beds!


bw55-onhathiding out on Daddy’s hat/head to be safe

fwom them evulz on them interwebz!








4 Responses to “a word a week challenge: hat, wot bout that?”

    • fank you, but so was your blog, spechiullies wif all dem beer hats!!! dont tell muh Daddy i said so, tho, i am not allowds to dwink wifout His permissunnn!

  1. you look so cute in all these pictures but just between us, is your daddy serious with this aluminium foil thingy on his head? I love your sweet little hats!!!!! 😀

    • giggle. i always says, that muh Daddy is enigmatic as it is, it is hard to read His mind even wifout any aluminum hats, wight? wight *giggle friggle* fanks for liksing my hats, i wubs dem an should be wearing them morerererer

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