just another winter morning in the BaBearian tundra 1

Today, i will abducts you to the winterly joys of the BaBearian tundra. March is the month, where nature awakes to full bloom, with the promise of spring. In the BaBearian tundra, these promises are not as oppulent as they may be else-wherer, an the ice frosty hand of winter is always just awound the corner…

13mole06chanels, riverettes and lakes… still frozen


13mole02the trees all nakey, the grass still grayish….


altdorf12-11houses and churches powdered wif snow, every-bear!

giggle: fun pun!

every-bear, it is everywhere wif bear in it *giggles morer*


HK-party-boa21you just cannot wear enough of them warm clothes!


StBearizice-cicles decorate the window frames…


kitchen-stove-competenceevery occatunnn to get warm is welcome!


13winter-morning303birds looking for food… which we have provided for dem!


13blumen-mar-crowkisscelebrating them first spring flowers!!!!

13blumen-mar-schneeglka snowdrop popped through the cold… 


13winter314-4meanwhile the village got again, morer of the snow

13winter314-1don’t let the blue sky fools you…


13winter314-3it’s so cold, them trees wear knitted pullovers too

13winter314-5meanwhile cars are frozen to the ground! burrrrrrr!



one is beary glad to be back inside, and has some treats



winter-sodartmeanwhile outside,

there is still the tundrean “springtime” breeze!


love doucette 8:@


2 Responses to “just another winter morning in the BaBearian tundra 1”

  1. You are so brave facing so much cold! And always so cute looking while doing so! What an excellent model you make ❤

    • an it got even colder an snowier… so i moonsed da snowy weather an went to a new beauty spa… bones & paws. i am testing it as we speak. if its any good, i may viist it wif Daddy sometime dis year for a photoshoot!

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