the house hunt continues


as my fans do know, i am looksing for a new house

but to find one, is quite the task!


an so i had me an English wike breakfast


beforer i went on my stroll…

first house i saw, looksed realy cute

just the right size, an i thought: well good


but it turned out to be

a giant cage

with a lady and her baby guarding it


well lady, you can keep this one…

suwa does not wook wike fun!




Then i discovereds,

a house wike a giant

it wore a blond wig – or was it a perm


well it was too big anyway

so on my way i went!

this one looked like it is of the right size


but what kept me away?

well it looks like them mice

had eaten away 

some of the cover

so, i said,

nope, lets seek just another!


i was told beforer it got late

to get me help from a Tunesian date!

but let me tell you undisguised

it was not the paradize


i got trapped in a paper pyramid

saying luxury on the outside, but do admit

there is no comfort to be seen

in that paper prison the size of a pea!


lucky me i has a knife


so i freed myself and hurried home

and so i would stay wight stwong….

had firster: my soup


followed by some yummy veggies by the liver

all my strength to deliver!

13food-livervegetableand ended my day,

since it was late

with the delightful bite

into a delicious cake!


the eving fell,


as i closeds my eyes

i suddenly realized

that all experiences werent that bad

espechiallies cuz at my current home

i has a cozy bed!







2 Responses to “the house hunt continues”

  1. you are living unbelievable adventures, how do you manage to always look this styled and beautiful? I need this secret 😀

    • well, i do invest a wot of time, effort an energie into me wooksing good… some peopol believe that doing the spa, make-up an caring for your beary skin n fur is all funs, but it is part of the job of being a model. you has to look wonderfuls 24/7 an then some. *currently in the spa, again* ❤ doucette

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