more impwessuns, from BearVilles annual horsie show 2013.3


dis is my third blog alweady about the annual horsie show in Bearville, BaBearia an i sincerly hopes i am not borsing you – but we took so many picshures, an dem horsies deserves to be in da spotlight for all the works they are still doesing on a dailie bases, wight? wight! 

They came marching in, in a processun wike, an dat reminds me of dat song, about them saints who’re marching in…


13rossmarkt31openoh when them horsies, are riding in…


13rossmarkt35bwmenithats wot they looksed wike, when they marched in!


13rossmarkt33brn2oh, let me be in that number….


13rossmarkt36when them horsies,

13rossmarkt38come marching in!


13rossmarkt64musicstarand when the band, begins to play…


13rossmarkt32brn1given them horsies, say, O.K. …


13rossmarkt37oh i wanna be in that number!






2 Responses to “more impwessuns, from BearVilles annual horsie show 2013.3”

  1. Thank you so much for sharing, you have been in incredibly close!!! Such good shots, well and all the people in between, I had that problem too… This is awesome! ❤

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