Spoils of the BaBearian tundra… spring spelled winter (2)

Oh how we wuvs our tundra “spwing”,
ourselves fun songs to sing…
where others sing of flowers and bloom,
we howl like wolves to the snow covered moon!

13ice03-41freezing by the river….


86aromatherapydefrosting at home…


13winter-morning30114th of March: good morning winter!



13food-popeyalways hungwy, yumming it all up!


13mole11Moles working over-time!


gardening75_wuehlmaushaufenand us harvesting their soil…


gardening75_3toepfeneufor our pots of plants: flowers and vegetables

13winter314-61twying to ignore, that there is still snow galore


13winter314-2an nuffing much will be able to grow….


easter.crownbut maybe after Easter time…


sunliKing Frost…

sehnsuchtdomcatwill finally loosen his mighty grip…


winter-rasen1melt away….

wi-fassunfreeze & defrost alweady!


lapiswinterstop blizzard bathing us!

garden-tulips-yellow2and let it be spwing!!!!!!!

wingarbut until then, Tundra March it is







2 Responses to “Spoils of the BaBearian tundra… spring spelled winter (2)”

  1. You look so sweet!!! My favorite picture is where you defrost at home: LOL! That one is so funny! 😀

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