Neighborhood challenge, non phoney!

So, i learnsed fru PragueByKatie that wordpress has an own blogger challenge gosing, namely to phone-pic-shoot your neighborhood. But, i has to admits that i has no phone of my own wike dat. you may be supwized, that a modern girl-bear wike me would not have a cam-phone, but you has to keep in mind i am also a widdles, wight? wight!

i do do (giggle-friggle, i said “do-do”!!!) has a phone, seeehee?


but it has no camewa. so the challenge above would pass me by. But that is NOT fairs! an sooooooooo i has decideds to do does the challenge, but wif a regular camera. An so peopol dont calls it cheating, i renamesed teh challenge. so now i am challengising you, to post a neighborhood blog – lets say 1 mile radius from home max – featuring picshures from your beary neighborhood.

linie firewall anim

an here is my entry to my beary own challenge *giggles*

13D-birnbaum2just hanging out in the pear tree


13D-crwokiss12just rolling around in the hay… wif crow-kisses



novemburrrsnow1just wishin’ the winter would say buh bye now!


gardening_bucketOworkjust buckets full of gardening joy


animals_2ladybirds201206just watchin them beetles an their fornicatunnn!



flowers-1206roserot2kissjust taking the time, to smell dem roses…


spa1205-061shadomummyjust relaxing in the back-yard


13winter-morning303just watchin’ dem birdies break-fast in da snow


doucettewuvjust remindings you, my fans… i wubs you!






2 Responses to “Neighborhood challenge, non phoney!”

  1. such beautiful pictures and stories but I like you with the tulip better: two pretty and lovely flowers in the field 😀 ❤

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