doucette’s PC 13+


you will ask yourself what that cryptic titul is all bouts, wight? wight!

well, PC is not personal computer, nor political correctness, noooooo. it is sumfing beary spechulz, an i will explains it to you all quicklies!


being a model, i know lotsa photographurs too, an also there are quite some blogging fwends, an soooo

i decideds

drumroll and fanfares paweeze


to host my beary own 

linie rainbow anim


linie rainbow anim

re-read that line between them rainbows, please: it says photography, not pornography…


so, now you see why its doucette’s P.C. – the picshure challenge, wight? wight.

an here are dem wules:

linie rainbow anim

i will post a challenge, at least once a month, weekly tops… an it will always be named :
doucette’s PC 13## wif the ## being numbers so we dont get them all mixed up… the 13 is the year, so next year it will say 14 and so on, and the two othur digits are the numbers of the challenge per year, so now i even cracked the code for you!



you create a blog to that beary topic (or dig up an old blog if you wanna) but i would love to see your beary own genuine picshures an not sumfing you collected on the interwebs…. so please make suwa you own the copyrights or has a permissun an consent by the cweators of the picshure, or are staring in the picshure…



please back-link to my blog, namely to the beary challenge you are taking up, an if you name the challange, please use the term “doucette’s PC” + the number

globus gold anim


an have fun.



an please post only picshures that are PG13, and do not break the wules on wordpress


this is no regular contest though, an i believe Hot Chocolate said it best…

Everyone’s a winner

an to make suwa, you can find them PC’s easielies, i have givsen dems their beary own category:

linie firewall anim

doucette PC



4 Responses to “doucette’s PC 13+”

  1. what a suspense!!! 😀

    • i know, wight? wight!

      cant wait to get the ball starteds too! actually i have, but not under the new category so mayhaps i should uses that one for dat? yeah here is an idea… gosing therer wight now


  2. […] HERE ARE THEM RULES an now have fun wif it, wight? […]

  3. […] here are them rules for the challenge, in case yu couldnt remembur dems, an now goes an has fun! […]

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