doucette’s PC 1301 ~ 1 mile around muh home ~


linie firewall anim

i am so fudging exciteds, i am hopping up n down, an dis way its rathur hard to types, espechulies typo-fwee 


so i guess you will has to BEAR wif me 

*giggles morer* FUN PUN!!!! BEAR WIF ME IS BARE WIF ME WIF BEAR IN IT !!! *giggles lots*

13D-crwokiss12rolling on the floor laughing (ROFL)

i am so fuging exciteds cuz cuz cuz i am pwesenting you my first picshure challenge, in its own standing!

linie rainbow anim

The rules are stated herer… an DRUMWOLL!!!!!!!

the theme is:

1 mile awound muh home, an wot you should be blogsing about is your beary own neighborhood… you can stroll down a stweet or two, for gweater privacy, but i would wuv to shares the beauties an the bits that are your beary own neighborhood, wight? wight!



linie rainbow anim

gunna post you a pic as muh own entry to my own challenge, but its your turn to get the pen and camera glowing now… so watcha waitins forer… get on on it, wight?



13winter-morning301all chilled by the window sill (street by the house)


flowers-1208-19 the back yard bummer: saysing buh bye to summer (sun-deck)



twee-lilaclilabathed in lilac, and kissed by rays of sunshine (orch-yard)



birnebloom3eimerspring time is gardening season! (back-yard)







3 Responses to “doucette’s PC 1301 ~ 1 mile around muh home ~”

  1. You are the center of all attention in each picture, how do you do it? You always look so sweet I could cuddle you all over! 😀

  2. […] Easter is coming and I thought it might be funny to share some pictures with you while accepting a picture challenge called “1 mile around muh home”. […]

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