BearVille annual horsie show 2013.4 hot shots

Peopol, this is the last blog from the annual horse show in BaBearian’s Bear-Ville. Some of you will be all *whew, finully*, but i also know that all my horsie fans will be a widdle bit sads an disappointeds, wight? wight!


well i did talks to Daddy TeddyTom4u, an He pwomized me, there will be morer of shoots wif live animuls in the coming year, so no need to be all sads, like. Back to dem horsies. Since the annual show is in the beginning of February, an it is the BaBearian tundra, dem horsies did wear funnie ear muffs, at least some of dem were…


13rossmarkt44ohrBlu1nBaBearias colors are blue an white,

an those ear muffs were BaBearian dynamite!


13rossmarkt42ohrRt1nthese horsies were really fine bred,

 and flagged ear muffs all red



everything felt all right, with horsies muffs in plain white


13rossmarkt41ohrgrncharming horses riding in so keen

their earsies being pwotected by muffs of green


13rossmarkt96brna bettur view, lest we dont forget… them ear muffs of red


13rossmarkt91bwno ear muffs herer to be seen

but dont you agwee, this is one black-n-white dream?


13rossmarkt66_seehoferthis is no horse, of course, of course

but it is the BaBearian Minister-President,

Mr.  Seehofer: his first name is Horst!

who, too, came to see dem horsies, and well peopol, an me!

So, now you can see, what a BIG deal the annual horsie show twuly is; when the head of teh BaBearian government comes to visit the show an gives a talk, you can imagines how much important that show twuly is. An even if you arent into politics or VIP’s dem horsies an their fashunnn is worth your visit.



an so you dont go home all hungrie, here is a traditional BaBearian treat: Nuernberger!


Nuernberger pork wieners, an meeee, but you cant munch me up!







2 Responses to “BearVille annual horsie show 2013.4 hot shots”

  1. Such beautiful pictures with such a sweet little lady, the Nürnberger look yummy! 😀

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