baby-bear eating wif Daddy!


as you all know by now, i wubs muh Daddy TeddyTom4u beary much. the dedicated readers of my blog will also have noticed a few picshures where Daddy an i appear togethur, wike when He is pwotecting me behind His hat, fwom all stuff stwange an scawy on the internet… wight? wight!


but of coursie there are also many an occassunnn, when muh Daddy an i can eat togethur. sometimes we may have fifferent meals, an mostlie i just yums fwom His plate –


but it also happuns i get my own widdles plate/bowl, an fork/spoon, just wike Daddy’s just smallers, wight? wight! An that is wot todays blog is all bouts….


DaddyTeddy-potatosouppotato cream soup with red bell-pepper powder…

Daddy an meeeheeee


13food-cabanosistewpotato-carot-cabanossi stew an meeheeee!


13food-omlettedoucettesoleil omlette doucette 

wif meeeee on da side *giggle*


food-13-carbonaraspaghetti a la carbonara (wif bacon!)


an sometimes i even gets to has my beary own meal, wike dis luxury sushi!



or even my beary own drinking mug wif wine!


talk about wine and dine, but still muh most favorite time is Daddy time!!!







2 Responses to “baby-bear eating wif Daddy!”

  1. Lovely! Little things like meals and plates and the little bear, absolute “heart-melting” power! ❤

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