Future Tense… or: i has a dweam….


it is still photography month an so there are quite some challenges gosing on… PragueByKatie helps me keepsing twack of dose, an so i stumbled on wordpress’ own Future Tense that has me inspired, and here is my entry:


when i fink bout da futurrrr, i has a dweam…


i has a dweam, where peopol an animuls can live in peace

and fences need no electricities!



i has a dweam, where cars are not just for transportatunnn duty, 

but also models of curves and beauty




i has a dweam where any-one can celebrate the marriage

an be merry in it, helpsing to carry the carriage

regardless of who they are, so long they wuv one another!


i has a dweam, where “Twee-Huggers” is a term of endearment

an peopol talk an listen to and huggle wif dem wooden giants



i has a dweam, where them Big Ones, use their strengths

by caring for  an pwotecting them widdles!



i has a dweam of a world where knowledge and schools

are made availuble an afforduble

for every-one who wishes to learn!



i has a dweam of a world wif much less cwap!


but wif  wots morer of dem yummies!!!!


that is a worthy dweam of a future, not just for da night, wight?








6 Responses to “Future Tense… or: i has a dweam….”

  1. You can haz dreamz like that, yes you canz! 😀 You are beautiful inside and out Sweetie! ❤

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  3. missslisa Says:

    Wight! And I have a dream too. A sweet dream of hugging you 🙂

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