February Reflections


about mid February the BaBearian Tundra blessed us with a few snow free, milder days, a short recess in the frosty time as it later turned out. Daddy TeddyTom4u and i used this welcome winter break in February for a stroll by the riverette, and we took some 50 picshures therer!

Today i want to shares wif you some of the bestest ones… all titled reflections


still lay the waters, not even too deep

while the trees still dream caught in winter’s sleep



the sun, ready to wave us good-night

bathes us all in her warmish rays of light…


13bywater1-35the blue skies reflect, in azure and greens 

far far away seems now the street

the trees bared of leaves frame the distant shore

and me the widdle teddie girl,

caught in dreams galore



13bywater1-45see how the two street lamps just overcame

that what makes them both different,

cause love makes them the same

see the mighty trees, cuddling, holding hands

just like the bridge, the shore ends connects


what seems like a contrast needs not always to devide

whether we are friends or foes is upon ourselves to decide

instead of frights and scare, there can be loving care

just simply try to love, just like a teddy bear

for that is my dare!






One Response to “February Reflections”

  1. You are so cute on these pictures again, I almost forgot to look behind you 😀 Take care! ❤

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