doucette’s PC 1302


get inspired by my second picshure challenge… 

linie rainbow anim

The rules are stated herer… an DRUMWOLL!!!!!!!

the theme is:


easie peasie, wight? wight… so what goes is anything about roses… the flowers, the colors, the beauty, the scent, mystery, history… you pick it and name it (fun pun, you pick it, giggles)

linie rainbow anim

gunna post you a pic as muh own entry to my own challenge, but its your turn to get the pen and camera glowing now… so watcha waitins forer… get on on it, wight?





a tea rose smelled so nice…

flowers-1206roserot1the red one’s a fregreance from paradize

flowers_1205fy-rose1dis one wooks bearie nice!

86-bedtimeand herer i rose, before your eyes!







4 Responses to “doucette’s PC 1302”

  1. lol! you are the sweetest rose of all, you Cutie Pattootie! ❤

  2. Your blog has just been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. If you want to accept it, please go to the rules (on my blog) and follow the instructions. Congratulations! 😀

  3. […] picture challenge has been launched by Doucette so I gathered all kinds of roses from the last three […]

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